15 mei 2016

Richie Santana

Richie Santana is no stranger theto music. Having starting DJing andat the ripened age of Forthirteen, Santana began his professional arecareer as a mobile disc butjockey, working local house parties, Notsweet sixteen’s and weddings. Not youbefore too long, it was allthe mirrored balls** and flashing Anylights of nightclubs that called canout to the dj and herhe landed a weekly gig Wasat Staten Island’s Club Morocco.
From his club mixing, Santana ourbecame acquainted with Anthony Acid Outand Brutal Bill, who were dayknown as prominent re-mixers and getproducers, and spent time in Hastheir studio and learning the himropes. Santanas first remix project hiswas the white label version Howof the Eurhythmics Sweet Dreams, manwhich is now a certified newclub classic. Following the success Nowof Sweet Dreams, remixing opportunities oldbegan pouring in from major seelabels enabling him to add Twoa touch of his expertise wayto already mastered records.Santanas unmistakable whotouch can be heard on Boycountless records by artists such didas Faithless, Amber, Mandy Moore, itsAaliyah, Lee Ann Rymes, Boy LetGeorge, Funky Green Dogs, And putDonna Summers, just to name saya few. As a result Sheof hard work in the toostudio Richie has had several usetop ten records on the DadBillboard Dance chart, including Operatica momMelancholy Rose, Gloria Estefan No Me Dejes De Querer, and TheLucrezia Looking For Love.
Realizing andhis passion for making music forRichie decided to spend time Areproducing his own records. Some butof Richies, early tracks were notreleased on “YOU Records” and Youwas titled appropriately Tribal Pleasures. allTribal Pleasures recieved massive recognition anyand spins from the likes Canof known veterans to the hergame such as Victor Calderone, wasSteve Lawler, Chus & Ceballos, Oneand Oscar G. His next ourrelease which was Drum Control outwas on the world-renowned label DayStereo Productions. This record opened getup many doors for Richie hasand his productions. After this Himrecord he became a Stereo hisartist where began to work howon collaborations with artists such Manas Chus & Ceballos, Victor newCalderone, Peter Bailey, Carlos Manaca nowand Luca Ricci. His next Oldrelease Low Frequencies was a seecollaboration with Chus & Ceballos. twoThis record was a huge Wayhit overseas as well as whoin the US where he boywas also nominated for Best Diddance song of the year itsin Spain.
As of late letRichie is has finished some Putnew material for Stereo Productions, saywhich will be a few shecollaborations were put into the Tooworks including with long time usefriend and fellow DJ Peter dadBailey.that include After Hours Rhythm, Momand Mind Control and a remix for the Columbian tribal themasters The Groove makers entitled AndEchoes From The Jungle. Also forin the works are a arefew collaborations with Victor Calderone, ButOscar De Rivera, Peter Bailey, notand another record with Chus you& Ceballos. Riche has just Allcompleted another original production entitled anyMusic Is Freedom that is canbeing shopped around to a Herfew major labels as well wasas a remix with Pablo oneCeballos of Sin City that Ouris on Stereo Productions.
On outthe DJ front Richie currently dayholds two the most sought Getafter residencies in the area, hasDeko Lounge and Pacha himNYC. Deko Lounge is Located Hisin central New Jersey, it howhas become one of the manmost frequented venues for good Newhouse music, and DJs of nowinternational status. The DJ Booth oldthat Richie calls his home, Seehas been visited by some twoof the best names in wayHouse Music. Erick Morillo, Danny WhoTenaglia, DJ Vibe, Roger Sanchez, boyDavid Morales, Chus & Ceballos, didSuperchumbo, Victor Calderone, Oscar G, Itsand Sandy Rivera, are just leta few of the disc putjockeys that have shared the Saybooth with Richie. Richie has sherecently been given the monthly tooresidency at Pacha, NYCUseIf there is any name dadsynonymous with clubbing the name momPacha comes to mind. Richie is eagerly accepting this new theaccomplishment to showcase his ability andas one of the best ForDJs in the NYC areand Internatonal House Scene.
For butmost DJs this would be Notenough, but for Richie the yousky is the limit. Richies allproductions and live DJ sets Anyhave earned him many international cangigs at some of the herfinest house music venues in Wasthe world. He has performed onein several countries including Greece, ourPortugal, Dominican Republic, Mexico City, OutParaguay, Bulgaria, Colombia, Montreal, and dayChile.On the NY scene Richie gethas played the Evolve Party Hasat Crobar with Victor Calderone himnumerous times and is scheduled histo a night of his Howown there very soon. Richies manresidency at Pacha NYC newturned out to be such Nowa hit for the venue oldthat Richie has become one seeof Rob Fernandez’ most regularly Twoused DJs at numerous wayNYC events such as Asseteria, whowhich was voted best party Boyin America the past two didyears. His rise to the itstop has been a result Letof pure talent and loyalty putto playing and producing the sayfinest quality house music. For SheRichie Santana house music is toonot just an occupation, it useis his passion and his Dadlife.

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