12 december 2015

Julian Jeweil

Julian Jeweil, a french artist based in southern France and Berlin, found his signature sound through his various productions and live sets, all characterised by a melodic style of techno.

The adventure begins in 2007 when he releases his first hit "Air conditionnĂ©" which quickly ranks #1 in Beatport sales. 

In 2010, Julian signs with two prestigious labels : Cocoon (Color EP) featuring Soho the #1 track of the techno top 100 and Plus 8 Records (Babou). The same year, the Techno Corner EP is released with Form, his friend Popof's label and a remix is commissioned by Moby (Stay Down).

In 2011, Julian confirms his standing in the Techno scene by releasing his second EP with Plus 8 records (Hermanos Ep). Performance-wise, Julian has proven to be one of the most promising artists of the techno scene by playing his live set all around the world, with performances in some of the world's most prestigious clubs and festivals.

In 2012, he releases his third Ep with Plus 8 Records (Bastard EP) featuring 5 tracks (Bastard, Hey You, The Gang, Zoulou and Kanji) both played and supported by the greates artists out there.

Julian starts 2013 the best way he ever could have, with two remixes for the prestigious artists Deadmau5 & Pan-Pot, both chart #1 in the Beatport techno top 10, followed by an excellent Ep with Form (Mad EP) which immediately seduced a significant number of listeners.

Julian also signs 3 releases with "Minus", Richie Hawtin's renowned label. His first release is "Yoko", a track featured on the Minus' minMax compilation, bringing together several of Minus' artists such as Gaiser, Matador, Hobo and many others. The first EP with Minus is the "Don't Think Ep" featuring three tracks : Don't Think, Boom & Flexx. This EP is met with critical acclaim and "Don't Think" climbs its way up to 1st place in the Beatport top 100.

One month later, Julian releases his second EP with Minus : "She's Hot", also featuring 3 tracks : She's Hot, Green Room Snake Dance. Once more, the EP meets phenomenal success and within days, "She's Hot" finds itself ranking in the top 10 of the techno chart.

Julian's latest release is a remix for the Techno Master : Adam Beyer who produced alongside Ida Engberg, the track "Unanswered question" on Drumcode.

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