29 augustus 2015

Lluís Ribalta

After living the electronic music from the year 94, with Classic Techno influences, in the 2005 Lluís Ribalta began to play as a DJ debuting in the 1º Contest of Dj´s City of Lleida where remained second, being the revelation opposite to Dj's with great more experience. The same year he plays constantly in clubs of his city and surroundings, beginning to form a part of the Young Association for the diffusion of new trends of art multimedia, Am +, where he continued his excellent musical career. 

Since then he started to enter in the electronic music world professionally doing as a professor in Dj courses and workshops, and electronic music producer courses and workshops. He is a press editor in the specializing in electronic music web culturanocturna.com and he is the owner of the association and booking “Am +” (Dj´s, event promoter, music producer, Vj..s), with them every year organizes events in his City with the best DJs in the world as Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Francesco Farfa, The Hacker, Pascal FEOS, Kanziany Valentino, Marc Marzenit ... etc.

In his Dj sets can be listen all kinds of electronic music influences and styles ((Minimal, Electro, Tech / Deep House, Techno), but it has a clear orientation to the dancing floor and techno music with the purpose of which the people dont stop dancing a moment with a great smile between ear and ear.

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