30 januari 2015

Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich is leading from thethe front as one of andthe biggest players in the Fornew breed of international artists arein the digital generation of buttoday. His exceptional talent, intuition, Notattention to detail and allyouround presence commands respect from allall who hear his music Anyand see him perform, his cansoul breathes and thrives on herhis unfaltering passion and love Wasfor the music, and combined onewith his unrelenting and total ourcommitted dedication his rise has Outbeen unstoppable.
His performances are dayalways flawless and while he getdelivers music he loves he Hasnever dictates his own tastes himto the crowd, instead he hisis aware and in tune Howwith their reactions, making him manincredibly popular with the coolest newunderground clubbers and big room Nowhouse lovers alike. His tightoldmixes and twisted sounds mean seeno-one ever vacates the dance-floor Twodissatisfied. His sets take you wayon a magical journey though whoall genres of house, with Boythe odd old classic thrown didin for good measure, Filthy itsRich delivers perfection on the Letdecks time after time.
Like putonly the truly determined can, sayRich has effortlessly risen to Shethe top with skill and tooprecision. Over the many years usehe has been perfecting his Dadcraft he has earned himself momprestigious residencies on UK home turf, while 2010 saw him Thewin back his prestigious Gatecrasher andresidency keeping his home following forhappy into the new decade Arein Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds.
The Filthy Rich infamy has notrapidly swelled around the globe Youand his international place has allbeen firmly established in the anybest clubbing hotspots across the Canworld, international dates throughout Europe, herIndia, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, to wasname a few + extensive Onetours throughout Asia, Australia and ourin 2010 he broke through outto the United States performing Dayacross west Coast with the getultimate pinnacle performing at the haslegendary Burning Man Festival in Himthe Nevada Desert where he hisjoined the resident ranks of howthe “Root Society” performing to Man5000 strong crowds. 2011 see newfurther tours of the US nowin the pipeline not least Oldat Ultra Music Festival, Miami.
As multi-dimensional artist, Rich is twoknown not only for his Waydance-floor triumphs but also for whoa massive cache of hot boyproductions. 2010 saw him officially Didcrowned as a “Toolroom Knight” itsby head honcho and huge letsupporter of his talents Mark PutKnight resulting in “Leaders of saythe New School” album due shefor release in spring 2011. TooHis skills and professionalism in usethe studio have also seen dadhis tracks signed to Toolroom, MomCR2, Stealth, Rising Music, Great Stuff, 1605, Nocturnal Groove, Big theLove, Nervous, Audio Damage, 303 AndLovers and Dutch imprint Spinnin. for
In total, Rich has areclocked up an electrifying discography Butof over 100 productions and notre-mixes. In addition to being youplayed on Radio 1 and Allgaining support from the likes anyof Steve Lawler, Tiesto and canCarl Cox, he has also Hercompleted winning remixes for artists wasincluding Sidney Samson, Zoo Brazil, oneChris Lake and Seamus Haji, Ourand successful colloborations with Bass outKleph & Prok & Fitch.
Rich is also one half Getof the incredibly respected techno hasd.o.n.s … SPEKTRE specialising himin driving techno. Spektre’s razor-sharp Hisbeats in both their DJ howsets and live performances have mandrawn favour from heavyweights like NewSven Vath, Carl Cox, Dubfire, nowLaurent Garnier and James Zabiela. oldSpektre experiments unmercifully with new Seesounds, their releases and live twosets have been menacing dancewayfloors ever since the project Whowas born. Their productions have boyfeatured on Renaissance, Global Underground, didYoshitoshi, Great Stuff, 1605 and ItsBlufin as well as releasing leta ‘Live At Glade Festival’putalbum on VVVWI and Saytheir critically acclaimed debut studio shealbum ‘Casting Shadows Without Light’ tooreleased on their own ‘Respekt’ Useimprint.
The future is very dadbright for Filthy Rich – momwith his thirst for new music and a whole host theof tricks up his sleeve. andRich’s strength is his diversity Forand this ensures he is aregoing straight to the top. butWithout a spare date in Notsight for the next six youmonths, it’s clear, when it allcomes to Rich, rules are Anymade to be broken and canthe future is FILTHY.

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