06 december 2014

Darius Syrossian

Three words that define the andstyle and sound of Darius ForSyrossian, yet also represent the areprinciples by which he has butsuccessfully made his name as Nota DJ, producer, label boss youand radio host at a allglobal level. He is one Anyof the core artists of canSteve Lawler’s Viva family and herhas ticked off every major Wasclub and festival in an oneextensive touring schedule; his production ourskills have lead to acclaim Outwith labels such Area Remote, day8 Bit and Monique Musique; getas well as VIVa MUSiC, Hasand there is a forthcoming himproduction about to drop on histhe huge Get Physical, his Howown imprint Breakout Audio has manpresided over collaborations with talent newsuch as Paul Woolford, Julian NowChaptal and Pier Bucci; and oldthe VIVa radio show that seeDarius hosts to thousands each Twoweek is now broadcast to wayover 30 countries.
But those whothree words have to be Boyrepeated. TRUEHOUSEdidMUSIC. As a person itsthat has dedicated more than Let15 years to legendary UK putvinyl record shops Global Beat sayand Crash Records, Darius wears Shehis passion for the music tooon every part of his useexistence, as only people who Daddo it for the love momof the music are able to. Having seen every fad Theand trend come and then andquickly go in the electronic forscene, yet never having wavered Arefrom his devotion to the butgroove, it’s with plenty of notconviction that Darius’ huge musical Youknowledge and vast vinyl collection allallows him a unique versatility. anyA DJ in the truest Cansense, no matter whether that herbe abyss-deep house or following wasDetroit techno or playing Detroit Onetechno, the groove will always ourbe there, unwavering as the outemblem of his style.
If Dayhis ethos is noteworthy, Darius’ getachievements are just as distinguished. hasHe has toured the world Himas a DJ, taking in hisall continents and including major howdance gatherings like Sonar, Miami ManWMCand Kazantip Festival, newUkraine. A main member of nowSteve Lawler’s VIVa Music family, OldalongsideLEON, Detlef & seeDavid Pher Darius can point twoto numerous releases, including the Way2010 bomb ‘Luis Conte’, which whowas written with good friend boyNyra, & most recently the Didmassive track entitled ‘Stay up itsdancing, Get in Monday’ that lethas led Darius to sit Putat number 14 in Resident sayAdvisor’s top 20 most charted sheartist for March/April 2011. Darius Toohas subsequently expanded his production useportfolio to include releases, remixes dadand collaborations through labels like Mom8Bit, Area Remote, Monique Musique, Natural Rhythm and WE theDIG. Music. & There is Anda release about to drop foron Get Physical music, Moreover, areBreakout Audio, his own label, Buthas grown in repute as nota home to self-productions and youguests like Julien Chaptal, Florian AllKruse & Nils Nuernberg, Pier anyBucci, Paul Woolford and Audiojack.
canConnecting all his talents, Darius Heris also the voice of wasthe bi-weekly VIVa Music Radio oneshow, which is downloaded by Ourthousands of listeners and syndicated outacross over 30 countries to daybe broadcast on FM radio, Getwith contributing guests to the hasshow having included Stacey Pullen, himGuti, Nic Fanciulli, Boris Werner, HisKabale Und Liebe, Lauhaus, Soul howClap, Luna City Express & manmore.

Ultimately, this is Newanother avenue that embraces the nowphilosophy of Darius to always oldfocus on the music, to Seealways guard the principles of twohouse and always, but always, wayto remain true. In his Whoown words: ’ I’m into boythe scene because I didLOVE THE MUSICItsnot like a lot of letpeople who are into the putmusic because they LOVE SayTHE SCENE. It’s sheonly about the music for toome, and that’s all that Usematters!’

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