31 oktober 2014

DJ from Your Heart and Stop Your Ego from Holding You Back

There has been talk of laptops and DJ controllers being banned in clubs, which is fuelling an all out war between:

a) those that think digital DJ controllers and laptops are the way of the future, and

b) those that lean more towards Technics and CDJ’s for the “real” art of DJ’ing.

Well, I am here to say, “Who Cares!!?”

Let Go of Discrimination and the Need to be Right

By entering into argument about DJ gear, we are perpetuating an age old human trait of separatism and a heightening of the ego. This is the same part of the brain that we use when being discriminatory against any subject matter, be it race, culture, choice in sexuality, or even down to the route you take to the local store.

We all have opinions and our own preferences when it comes to choosing our path. We are all wise enough, or stupid enough, to decide on our own destiny.

Whether it be the stubborn streak in you that decides your route to the store is more direct, or less busy, than that your friend takes, regardless of proof. Or, if it’s your choice of DJ equipment being better than another DJ in a online forum. Whatever your opinion, we are all creatures of habit and will continue to push our own beliefs on others, whether they ask for it or not. 

The thing is, beliefs can be limiting. Whilst a belief might add personality, or maybe even purpose to your life, it can also be restricting. Unless that belief is in Yourself!

I’m sure you’ve heard the following statements before:

“DJ Controllers are the way forward, anyone that thinks otherwise is stupid“.
Turntables and CDJ’s are the only way to go, you gotta ban those damn laptops“.

By holding on so tightly to one of these statements, you could be closing yourself off to experiencing some fascinating aspects of life.

Choose Love

I can not believe that racism still exists, it disgusts me to see comments online that seem entrenched in the 1800′s. By discriminating in this way, we close off much of life and we block the flow of Love.

Whilst discriminating against the choice of DJ equipment seems so petty and mundane when compared to racism, it is also an act of discrimination.

Judgement will serve you in no other way than to separate you from your inner power and true potential to shine as an individual.

Carl Sagan said, “..an organism at war with itself is doomed!”

This has a much bigger connotation, but if we can’t even stop fighting about DJ Equipment, then what chance do we have at World Peace! 

We all feel the need to say our bit, we all want ourselves to be heard, but maybe it’s time to stop pointing, criticizing, and demeaning other people’s choices and to just be happy with your own choice.

Your choices are YOUR choices. What is right for you, might not be right for someone else. Take food for example. I have been a vegetarian now for over two years, but I don’t go around telling everyone to stop eating meat. Our choices are designed as just that, ‘OUR choices’.

If you ask others for advice, remember, their advice is filtered through their experiences and is likely to be different from the next person’s. Only YOU can make decisions for yourself. Ask for inner guidance on what feels right. Whilst other people may have more experience in a certain field, their preferences, may not be right for you. You need to ask them the right questions to gain the knowledge needed to make an educated decision for yourself.

Feel what’s right, you know all the answers, you just need to access them within. Just because ‘Mr Superstar DJ‘ uses this, or Jonny down the road uses that, doesn’t mean that’s what YOU should be using!

Music is the Gift of Healing

Music triggers many emotions, it can make you cry or smile, it’s soup for the Soul.
With the focus back on the music we can forget about the tools we use to play it. The reasons we play music is to bring joy, not pain.

If your chosen tools of delivering music to people are getting in the way, then you might need to consider a change of direction.

If the club you want to play at demands you only play on CDJ’s, then it’s time to venture inside and find out what that means to you. Ask yourself if changing your methods aligns with your passions and your values. There is more to the decision than loyalty to a brand, or to a friends advice. It’s about the direction that your heart and soul wants to take.

I started DJ’ing on Vinyl, but when I decided to travel the world, I was forced to use CDJ’s due to practicality of travelling light. As a result of this change, I landed a weekly residency at a club earning $300 for 3 hours work a night. If I had maintained a stubborn attitude and not tried to venture into CD’s, then I would have closed the door on an amazing opportunity.

Yes, I spent days on the lead up to my trip, painstakingly burning all my vinyl to CD, with no promise of a DJ gig. I just put in the effort as I wanted it so bad.

DJ from Your Heart

It really does not matter what you use to DJ with, so long as you are having fun and that you are enjoying the path you are on. If you come across obstacles on your path, it’s down to you to navigate them however you feel will best aid your progress as a DJ and as a person.

Transcend the ego when it comes to brand loyalty and peer pressure from others, connect with your inner guidance and do what’s right for you. Drop the attitude that you know what’s best for other people, and live life from a place of Love.

That way you allow yourself and others more freedom, giving everyone the power to choose their own path making the world a more peaceful and creative place.

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