29 mei 2014

Toronto’s Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival

Being one of the most prominent festivals in eastern Canada, Toronto’s annual Bud Light Digital Dreams festival has begun their lineup announcement with a bang, with the first name to be announced none other than dance music icon, Tiesto. Set to take place at the Flats at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (Ontario Place), this year will be the third annual instalment of this festival, and the organizers have made it very clear that the 2014 edition will easily surpass previous years.

This year, a number of new additions, as well as improvements have been made to the event, with one of the most discernible being the festival’s recent partnership with Bud Light (hence the change in name). The festival will also be delivering their lineup at a steady pace over the next 45-60 days, with one artist announcement to be made every 24 hours. This event is renowned for its diverse group of performers, and has boasted very unique lineups in its past years to satisfy all types of dance music fans. In addition to bringing in some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene, many underground subgenres have also been very well represented at the festival.

Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival is also offering a unique cashless experience for its attendees, as all transactions at the event will be made using RFID wristband technology. In an effort to eradicate long lineups, and provide a better overall experience, each festival goer will register their wristband online before the event, and will load money onto the band using credit, debit, or cash. At the festival, it will be scanned when making a purchase, with the price of the item then deducted automatically from their account. There will be stations available on the grounds for the attendees to reload their wristbands if necessary.

This festival will be taking place over June 28 – 29th, and it has been rumoured that its stage productions will be comparable to that of Ultra in Miami. Many festival goers will be waiting in eager anticipation to see the rest of the lineup, and there is no question that Bud Light Digital Dreams will offer an unparalleled experience for dance music fans of all tastes.

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