07 mei 2014


Anyone who has experienced the sheer scale and spectacle of Fabrik will know that it's cut from a different cloth to most. Situated on an industrial estate in the sun-blushed suburbs of Madrid, its warehouse-sized main room boasts giant ice cannons and dressy, highly choreographed stage shows above the speck-sized DJ in the booth below. 
That's just the beginning of its wonderment, with a second room larger than most other clubs, an outdoor river with bemused ducks watching the action, a water slide and pool, four-poster beds to stretch out on and a glass housed outdoor room playing deeper sounds.
Chuck in club brands like the mighty Goa, who recently brought main room masters DJ Hell and Joris Voorn to play alongside UK heroes Chris Duckenfield and Pete Herbert, and Code, who hosted Vitalic's Rave Age tour, and you have the perfect backdrop to paint the finest colours in house and techno. Web: grupo-kapital.com/fabrik

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