20 maart 2014


Hailing from Lithuaniatech-house DJ Donatello has been highly praised. Clive Henry said his set has ’Amounts of enthusiasm and uncontrollable energy that remind me about beginning of my own career…’ and Atari agency were quick to snap him up. Hot on their tails, Pro B Tech records are set to release his EP ‘Fancy’ later this month.
Tell us 3 tunes that are in your set right now?
John Creamer & Stephan K – Wish you were here (Donatello rework), Donatello – Fancy,Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose (Manhattan remix)
What’s the best thing about Lithuania apart from the music?
Probably one word – Cepelinai*(joke)
*Lithuanian dumplings
What has been your gig of the year so far?
One of the best gigs ever, that was organised by myself this year; Burns Studios Residency Baltics @ Gargaras in Lithuania with Maceo Plex.
We know you are good friend with Kastis T & Arnas D, would you say you are all responsible the Lithuania resurgence in dance music?
To be honest, in the current tech house and progressive area, we really feel responsible. But there is a growing young generation who are really interested in producing, and only a matter of time until we will have a new talent.
‘Fancy’ is your debut release on Pro B Tech Records and ‘Manhattan’ produced the remix. What did you this of their mix and sound?
I recently discovered Manhattan and I love them because they remind me of my own music style. I often play Manhattan tracks. I am happy that my track was remixed by Manhattan. I think big future belongs them.
There are a lot of very talented young producers coming though the scene now, what advice would you give them?
My advice would be to love music with all your heart and never give up, then success will surely come…
Another big part of music is DJing now, is it something you do regularly and where do you play?
I have been djing for 10 years. Most of the time I play Lithuania, but travel the world and visit countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Canada. Currently, I have my own club in Lithuania, most of the time I spend on it.
What’s next for you?
Working on new mixed album with my friend Kastis Torrau – Report 2013. We will do 3 launch parties (Lithuania, Ireland and United Kingdom).
Finally in ’3′ words describe yourself??
Cheeky – bold – hardy

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