17 februari 2014

Cid Inc

99percentrecordings is on the verge of putting up their first album on the label. This HUGE release, when it comes to the deep sounds of techno/deep progressive influenced music, is nothing less than a stunning journey in sound design my friends.
Label boss Mark has done truly magnificent to set this one up, and he once again showcase his skills in getting things together.

The album, called “TEN”, includes 10 superb tracks, deep and moody all in their own way, and also includes a fantastic “continuous mix” from no other than the legend and Replug head honcho Henri Hurtig aka Cid Inc.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your label and highlight some of your major achievements.

For those who don’t know, my real name is Henri Hurtig. Been messing around with music since I was a kid, for over 20 years now that is. The first breakthrough came with Mashtronic project. Now days I run a mastering service, produce as much as possible, travel around the world, run my “Replug” label and trying to live a some what normal life in there between. I launched the label so that I’ll be able to release what ever I want when ever I want =). The greatest achievement was definitely getting on board Bedrock with Mashtronic back in the days.

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

Trying to wake up early during the weekdays when not traveling, usually at around 9AM latest. First I try to catch up with as many emails as possible with the help of a nice cup of coffee =) After that I go through the my mastering schedule for that particular day. Some times mastering tracks can take the whole day, but I always try to make sure I have time to produce, do mixes if needed and work on label stuff as well. I usually quit working at around 8 or 9 pm and just chill and spend time with my missus.

You’ve recently completed mixing the much anticipated ‘Ten’ compilation for 99percentrecordings, which celebrates their 10th release. We know that Mark Betteridge (99percent’s label boss) compiled the tracks for the mix. What challenges did this present?

Mark managed to compile a great selection of tracks that fit together very well, so it was a pretty straight forward task mixing the compilation. The reactions for TEN so far have have been absolutely outstanding.

What are your personal highlights from the mix?

I’m really pleased with the whole mix, but I think my most favorite part is the two last tracks, they blend so perfectly together.

What are the differences in engineering a mix that’s going on sale as opposed to recording a radio/promo mix set?

It’s not that much different. I usually record a mix live in Ableton using my controller and I’m not that picky with the details. But when a mix goes on sale you have to pay much more attention to the small details so that everything’s spot on.

What’s you view on 99percent and the direction the label is heading?

99percent is definitely one of the leading progressive labels around, can’t wait what Mark has cooked up for the future with the more techno kind of sound.

What does Cid Inc. have in store for us in 2013?

Lots of new productions coming, hopefully I’ll manage to finish off my sample CD and going to play all around.

Has the project inspired you in anyway? Could we see a Cid Inc. artist album in the future?

Every project is inspiring in their own way. I’ve been thinking about doing an album for quite some time now actually, even started working on one last spring(but haven’t come too far yet. It’s very time consuming so will definitely take quite a while before it comes reality.

Thanks for your time Henri, always a pleasure!

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