03 januari 2014

Michael Tsukerman

Michael Tsukerman is a DJ/Producer from Lublin, Poland now living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both solo and with partner Igal Gofman, he has been making waves on the Trance/House scene since 2004 and is showing no signs of slowing down soon!

Randy aka DJ Ranz caught up with him via facebook chat for a brief interview.

Ranz: First off, many thanks and appreciation in advance for taking the time to do this.
To begin, I’d like to ask, what got you interested in producing/DJing in Trance/House?

Tsukerman: I loved music ever since I can remember myself and when i discovered electronic music in 1995, I instantly fell in love. After a few years of listening, I started to produce my own tracks on my home PC and the rest is history *smiles*.

Ranz: A few years back, one of your singles, "Sivan" was released on Armada and used on the ASOT 2009 mixcompilation. Could you tell us a brief story about the track? Also, how did it feel like to be signed to a legendary label like Armada?

Tsukerman: Well the track was dedicated to my girlfriend. After I finished it I honestly thought that no one would sign it because i wasn't that happy with it, but I sent it anyway to Armada. A few hours later I was told that Armin really loved the track and thought of releasing it on ASOT 2009 - Obviously I was surprised & very happy!

Ranz: You are also one half of the music production duo Gofman and Tsukerman. Could you tell us how you met Igal Gofman and what working with him is like?

Tsukerman: Igal is an old friend of mine & we started working together about 3 years ago. Until then I was working solo. I guess there's no big story behind it - one day we just sat and started to work on some tracks - and you know the outcome  
Working together on a single project is never easy because there are many arguments and we disagree on many thing - but eventually a track is born and we're both happy.

Ranz: Just recently, you released the new single, "WE CONTROL U". Tell us a bit about the track. Was it a challenge to make?

Tsukerman: The track was supposed to have vocals in the beginning - it was actually finished almost a year ago - but due to some problems it was released without vocals. We think that it could have been way better - but we're still happy with the outcome.

Ranz: You also have another new song called "DARKO" which will be featured on Armin Van Buuren's new mixcompilation "Universal Religion 5". What can we expect from it?

Tsukerman: Well it's totally Trance - so people who liked our melodic stuff will be pleased. Big break, Big buildup and a very Dark melody!

Ranz: What's next on the horizon for Michael Tsukerman?

Tsukerman: I’ve got some new remixes coming up & I'm finishing a new single as well. Igal and I are also working on a new remix for Ashley Wallbridge.

Ranz: And finally, what does Michael Tsukerman do when not DJing or Producing new music?

Tsukerman: Well i actually work full time job in a software company so obviously that's taking most of my time - But besides that i really like cinema, like to party, go to restaurants... all the regular stuff.

Ranz: Again, many thanks and appreciation for this interview and we look forward to hearing new material from you!

Tsukerman: Thanks, Randy

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