25 januari 2014

Dancefair 2014

This year, organisers of the third annual Dancefair are expecting up to 5000 attendees in Utrecht, The Netherlands on February 15 and 16. Dancefair is the perfect event for fans, equipment manufacturers, audio engineers, DJ’s, producers and anyone else who has a passion for electronic music to network with like minded people and take advantage of the wide range of offerings available at the show.

The event, taking place at the renowned Jaarbeurs convention center, boasts 15 huge arenas and a 2200m2 expo floor, containing more than 200 educational workshops, a trade show with all the latest hardware and software, and a Demo Drop where DJ’s and producers can present their work to over 70 reputable record labels.. However, new guests are constantly being announced on the news section of the Dancefair website.
Tickets prices are 35 Euros (£30) for one day and 55 Euros (£45) for both days.

Why you should attend
If you’re an up and coming DJ and want to take your music and/or career to the next level, there are numerous reasons why you should attend Dancefair 2014. Whether you’re looking to drop in on some educational workshops to further your craft and understanding of the music business, establish business contacts, purchase some new equipment or get some invaluable feedback from established record labels, Dancefair has got what you need.

Workshops and Seminars
Dancefair 2014 has a vast program of educational workshops and seminars, catering to every skill you would possibly need as an up and coming DJ or producer. The 2014 workshop and seminar program includes: advice on how to market your music and promote yourself online, technical masterclasses for the latest gear such as Ableton ‘Push’ and Native Instruments ‘Traktor’, lifestyle management workshops to maximise your time in the studio and seminars on event organization and promotion.

There will be a range of leading manufacturers of software, hardware, equipment and other accessories at Dancefair, including: Korg, Vestax, UDG Gear, Serato, Roland and many more! If you’re looking for some new gear to take your home studio to the next level or are simply curious to see some of the many product demonstrations on offer, you’re sure to find the industry’s most cutting edge technology at the show’s exhibition.

Demo Drop
Whether you’re looking to get some constructive feedback from industry experts, want to get on the radar of established record labels or aspire to have your productions released commercially, then the Demo Drop is the place to go. With over 70 record labels in attendance, you are more than welcome to bring your music by for some feedback. In 2012 a total of 42 tracks were signed by attendees of the event – the exact figure for the 2013 event is yet to be established.
At a previous Dancefair, producer Rob Hes attended a seminar lead by one of his favorite techno musicians, Gabriel Ananda. After hearing Rob’s demo tape, Gabriel subsequently agreed to release Rob’s EP on his new label, ‘Basmati’. Similarly, Jack Zwarts was signed to Deep Sense Records after meeting with an A&R at the Demo Drop of Dancefair 2013. Dutch label Kynatix also signed multiple tracks after Dancefair 2013.

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