22 oktober 2013

Pacha Ibiza

Despite its birth in a beach town near Barcelona in 1973 (Sitges), most would be forgiven for assuming the Pacha brand was born and bred on the White Isle. Ibiza is Pacha's spiritual home. Pure and simple. Mention the double cherries to anyone with an ounce of interest in after-dark culture, and the island is the ultimate touch point, the suffix used automatically by anyone with a clue.
London, Sao Paulo, Sharm El Sheikh, even Gran Canaria for pity's sake, have all tried to emulate Pacha's class, but none come close to its flag-beating Balearic incarnation, the club voted the world's third most popular once again. The most impressive bookings — not to mention residents suited to all and sundry in recent years, like Pete Tong, Guetta, Morillo, The Swedes, Luciano — meet the highest possible standards in sound, production and style. That said, something much more than bricks-and-mortar values reverberate the white drapes of Pacha Ibiza to make it so special.   
“If electronic music was a religion, Pacha would have been the church,” says Chuckie. “It's a brand that has been there since the early days of electronic music and will always stay there.”
A combination of Balearic magic and dance music heritage makes Pacha Ibiza an undisputed champion of the world, not only a favourite to you the people, but of the most popular in the game. “Pacha Ibiza is my favourite club in the world,” says David Guetta. “It's at the same time sexy and musically credible. It just feels like home.”
Looking forward to its 40th anniversary this year, Ricardo Urgell's Pacha is probably modern clubland's longest living brand and still one of its finest. The hotel, the glamour, the magic... Pacha Ibiza is the full bag of poker chips, an all-inclusive package still getting plaudits, and winning hordes of new followers in the process. Web: pacha.com

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