28 oktober 2013

Kastis Torrau & Arnas D

Lithuania is a vibrant underground scene at present. There are also some good producers coming through it, why do you think that is?

Lithuania has a young clubbing scene compare to western countries. Our underground scene with guest Djs and producers started just 12 years ago. Thankfully we started with strong team and clear view what we want to do. Glad that at this time we can say that those years of hard work and education didn’t went in vain.

Its been a very busy 12 months for you both do you think the Burn studio experience had something to do with it?

I’m sure that Burn studios experience let the world know about us and how do we sound like. I thinks it was a good opportunity for us and we used it 100%. That what is happening lately I think is more our’s unique feeling and sounding. I think we are on the good way and our feeling will went more globaly.

Were delighted to have you onboard with TILT and Pro B Tech how did that come about?

When we got an offer from TILT to do a remix for “here is not now”i was shocked (in a pleasant way) I was listening of TILT from that time when I didn’t even thought that my life will go fully with music. I was just buying records and collecting them in vinyls or CDs. That was a message for us that we are on the right direction 

How do you guys work in the studio and do you have any cool tips for the young producers out there?

My tip for all music lovers who are planning to start producing is to get as more feeling for music that comes out of your own soul and to try it how your feeling works on a other people (not your friend). Basicly our studio is not so modern and fully packed with equipment what use today’s producers. All we use is a software and our feeling and experience as a DJ’s.

You have also collaborated with Sasha on his imprint label Last night on earth what that like and was it an easy process in the Studio?

We had a chance to collaborate with Sasha on one track. That was something special to sit in the studio with your own idol and get from him lots of advises how to work best on newest sounding. Good that we managed to do such a great track in such a short time. Only worry for me was to do the best what we can, and we did it.

Whats new on the horizon for you two and will we be seeing any new material after ‘Kiss Magnetic’?

We both have lots of good production coming in near future on a different labels as a originals and remixes. Biggest release for me(Kastis) in the future is already signed for Nick Warren’s “HOPE Recordings”few tracks wich will be released in the end of this summer – i’m happy. Got lots of good words from Nick and the fact that he picked my music for his label is something big for me. Arnas is working now on few tracks for Omid’s 16B “Sex On Wax” label.


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