17 september 2013

Green Valley

Just over a year before Brazil is thrust before our eyes for World Cup 2014, one of its other prestigious arenas has proved itself on an international stage. Scoring the most votes in this poll by a country mile, Green Valley has climbed its ranks gradually over the past few years. Reaching #27 in 2010, before leapfrogging to #3 the following year, then creeping to #2 in the last, the club's position at the apex of this poll had therefore felt inevitable, the result of six years firing on all cylinders, edging forward the boundaries of clubbing capabilities on all fronts.

Three months after a hellish fire devastated a venue 800km away, tragically killing 235 people, Green Valley has proved to the world that that unfortunate calamity is an anomaly. Highlighting that top-tier professional standards are being met in a club scene that's becoming increasingly ambitious, this club has fought hell for leather to compete seriously with the greatest on the planet since setting up in 2007, and its efforts have paid off.
Brazil proudly boasts six other clubs in the Top 100 (Space B. Camboriu, Miroir, Anzu, D-Edge, Warung, Sirena), four of which also rank in the top 50, statistics that dramatically dwarf any other South American country, while closing in on US representation in this poll. At the summit of it all, though, is this gigantic oasis at the heart of Santa Catarina's luscious jungle.
It's easy to see why increased scrutiny around health and safety standards following the aforementioned other venue's fire may have forced the venue to withdraw its paraffin-powered pyrotechnics, while stricter licensing has the club closing at 6am rather than 9am these days, but none of it has stopped Green Valley getting its hands on the clubbing crown this year. 
Testament to its still mind-blowing knack for production and dedication big enough to fill its gaping girth, it's continued to reach out further in its bid to dazzle the multiple thousands flocking through its lofty gates each night. It comes as no surprise, then, this adventure playground for adults under a gigantic canopy surrounded by mountainous rainforest — home to lakes, lush plantations, even a boutique, all inside the grounds of the club — is the automatic stop for any world-beating DJ at the top of his or her game.
Most impressive, though, is the infectious energy it generates. Last time this correspondent experienced Green Valley was during Carnival this February. Fatboy Slim turned the place into a mahoosive mosh pit of fluorescent glowsticks and multi-coloured floats, and it flipped a switch in our minds. Undoubtedly one of the most magnificent clubbing spectacles on the planet, its name now a glorified blaze of glowing lights. Web:greenvalley.art.br/

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